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This is called conscious evolution, and your species has just arrived there.

If “evolution” and “survival of the fittest” are syn-onymous, and if you are claiming “survival of the fittest” as a Guiding Principle, then you are saying, “A Guiding Principle of Evolution is evolution.” 220-901 CertDumps Latest 1Z0-856 braindumps for Java Technology.

Yet that is the statement of a race which does not know that it can control the course of its own evolution. That is the statement of a species which 1Z0-856 Exam Dump thinks itself to be relegated to the status of observer of its own evolution. Because most people think that “evolution” is a process which 070-486 Books 1Z1-351 Dump is simply “going on”—not a process which they are directing, according to certain principles. Exam Policies: 1Z0-856 Exam Dump Exam Topics.

You are right. Evolution is “survival of the fittest.” That is the process. Yet do not confuse “process” and “principle.”

Okay, so give us some more help. You said a little bit ago that in highly evolved cultures on other planets, beings also abandoned the concept of “nations.” Why did they do that? Exam Tutorial: Oracle 1Z0-856 test questions Answers Sets.

Of course she did. I told her to.

On the other hand, nationalism supports our Second Guid-ing Principle: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Latest Release 1Z0-856 Exam Dump Official Guide.


It does, doesn’t it?

Highly evolved beings refuse to join together in na-tions. They believe in simply one nation. You might even say they have formed “one nation, under God.”

Wow, that’s an incredible insight. That’s why You gave Bar-bara Marx Hubbard that book! As I said, she actually called it Conscious Evolution.

The process is called “evolution.” The “principle” which guides the process is what directs the course of your evolution.

Do you?

Valid Dumps Oracle 1Z0-856 Exam Answers Practice Questions. Oops. You lost me.

Ah, I Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Essay Exam (Step 2 of 2) love it! So . . . I’d like to get back to our “conversation” about E.T.s. How do these highly evolved beings organize themselves, if not in nations? How do they govern themselves? The Latest 1Z0-856 Technology Course for Java Technology.

The species, on the other hand, which has become clear that evolution is a process—but a process over which the species has control—has not confused “pro-cess” with “principle,” but consciously chooses a pri nci-pIe which it uses to guide and direct its process.

99% Pass Oracle 1Z0-856 Answers Sets. The point 1Z0-856 Exam Dump is that all races and species are evolving, and evolution—the purpose of observing what serves you, and making behavioral adaptions—seems to keep moving in one direction, and away from another. It keeps moving towards unity, and away from separation.

Oracle 1Z0-856 Practise Questions Exam Profile. So now it’s time to “observe” that “survival of the fit-test” (that is, evolution of the species) is not achieved, but, indeed, entire species have been doomed—have actually self-destructed—by calling a “process” a “prin-ciple.”

You separate yourself into nations for reasons of sur-vival and security—and produce just the opposite.

Oracle 1Z0-856 Practise Questions Exam Pdf. Ah, clever. But do they have “liberty and justice for all”?

Because they saw that a concept such as what you would call “nationalism” works against their First Guid-ing Principle: WE ARE ALL ONE.

Touché. Oracle 1Z0-856 Exam Objectives Review Questions.

And so the species is announcing, “We evolve by the principle of. . . well, evolution.” But they never 642-737 Official Guide say what that principle IS, because they have confused the process and the principle. Oracle Java Technology 1Z0-856 Exam Dump Practice Exam Dumps.

This is not surprising, since unity is the Ultimate Truth, and “evolution” is just another word for “move-ment toward truth.”

They do not use “evolution” as their First Guiding Principle of Evolution, but, rather, they have created a principle, based on pure observation. They have simply observed that they are all One, and they have devised political, social, economic, and spiritual mechanisms which undergird, rather than undermine, that First Prin-ciple.

I also notice that “observing what Oracle 1Z0-856 Exam Dump serves you, and making behavioral adaptations” sounds suspiciously like “survival of the fittest”—one of our Guiding Principles!

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